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"Letters To The Farthest Star" on Projekt

Realized over a two-year period, Letters channels my many eclectic and diverse influences, electronic and acoustic, Western and non-Western, melodic and textural, structured and improvisiational, and progressive and ambient, into a singular statement offered to the farthest star.

"Intense, spirited, and expansive, this is music like nobody else can make."


"Lush, exotic, enthralling, and an absolute must-own release."


"So definitive a portrait, it's hard to resist thinking of it as an artistic peak of some kind, especially when it so powerfully fuses the electronic and acoustic into a single compelling statement."


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Released in June 2012 on Projekt (CD and Digital)

Download and Streaming at Bandcamp

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"The Wolf At The Ruins/Migration (reissue with bonus tracks)"

Released in July 2013 on Projekt (CD and Digital)

Download and streaming at Bandcamp

Available on ITunes:  "Animism," "The Wolf At The Ruins/Migration," "Unbound," "Phantoms," and "Gongland" CDs on Projekt and "Folklore" and "The Blind Messenger" CDs on Cuneiform

Forrest Fang is a multi-instrumentalist and composer whose career spans over three decades.  His eclectic style embraces Western and non-Western influences such as minimalism, Chinese classical music, and Balinese gamelan music.  He has released nine recordings for the Ominous Thud, Cuneiform, Projekt and Hypnos labels.  He has also been a guest artist on recordings by ambient artists Robert Rich and Carl Weingarten.  Fang's projects include a collaboration with guitarist Carl Weingarten entitled "Invisibility" released in 2006 on The Foundry, and several releases on Projekt --"Gongland" (2000) "Phantoms"(2009), "Unbound" (2011), "Animism" (2012), "The Wolf At The Ruins/Migration (reissue)" (2013) and, most recently, "Letters To The Farthest Star"(2015).

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a "rootless cosmopolitan"
Cliff Furnald - Hollow Ear

"an underpinning of melodicism and atmosphere"

(Photo by Carl Weingarten)