Forrest Fang


Music From The Blackboard Jungle (1980)

Some Brighter Stars (1982) (reissued in 2013)

Migration (1986) (reissued with Wolf in 2013 with bonus tracks)

The Wolf At The Ruins (1989) (reissued with Migration in 2013 with bonus tracks)

World Diary (1992)

Folklore (1995)

The Blind Messenger (1997)

Gongland (2000)

Phantoms (2009)

Animism (2012)

Seeds of Memory EP (2012)

As "Sans Serif" (drone-based side-project):

Tones for LaMonte (2008)

Unbound (2011)

As "Spirit Oscillator" (electronica side-project):

Aquarium EP (1999)

Stutter & Tilt (2002) (unreleased)


Unsettled Scores (Cuneiform artists cover other Cuneiform artists)("Scene of the Madmen") (1995)

ambient.01@hyperreal ("Harmonia" (Forrest Fang), "Boom" (Spirit Oscillator") (2000)

ambient.02@hyperreal ("Something in the Moonlight" (Forrest Fang remix), "Half Life of a Long Memory" (Stephen Phillips remix)) (2002)

Bi Bim Bap (Foundry compilation) ("Filling the Bowl") (2004)

As Guest Artist:

Robert Rich - "Propagation" (1994)

  - "Seven Veils" (1998)

  - "Bestiary" (2001)

  - "Temple of the Invisible" (2003) 

  - "Ylang " (2010)

Amoeba - "Pivot" (2000)

Carl Weingarten - "Blue Faith" (2000)

Barry Cleveland - "Hologramatron" (2010)

As Collaborator:

Forrest Fang/Carl Weingarten - Invisibility (2006)

Forrest Fang/Par Example - "Surface Tension" (1990) (unreleased)

As Producer:

Chaksam-Pa (Tashi Dhondup/Tsering Wongmo) - (1991)


ANIMISM (Projekt 274):

UNBOUND (Projekt 257):

PHANTOMS (Projekt 230):

TONES FOR LAMONTE (Hypnos Secret Sounds .21):


GONGLAND (Projekt 103):

Sonic Curiosity review of "The Blind Messenger" (1998) (click on image for larger view)                                    

(Thanks to Matt for the very cool review and format.)

THE BLIND MESSENGER (Cuneiform Rune 98) (w/guest artists:  Kit Watkins, Carl Weingarten):

FOLKLORE (Cuneiform Rune 68) (w/guest artists: Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Chinese classical musicians Zhang Yan and Liu-Ti Chao, Balinese composer I Wayan Sujana, and Tibetan folk musicians Tashi Dhondup and Tsering Wongmo):

WORLD DIARY (Ominous Thud OT005) (w/guest artists: Chinese classical musicians Zhang Yan, Liu-Ti Chao and Ting-Yi Lin, and Tibetan folk musicians Tashi Dhondup and Tsering Wongmo):

THE WOLF AT THE RUINS (Ominous Thud OT004)


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